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So it just dawned on me that I should use my Dragon Tarot deck and post a “Dragon of the Day” card so below you’ll find the last 3 days posted on one day only because I’m am new to this blog and it’s taking me some, well lots of time to finally start to get the hang of things. I Hope You Enjoy the Dragons Messages! Blesses be 333 Namaste 369

Hey Guys just wanted to give you the introduction to the Dragon Oracle Deck as it helps give you a clearer idea of Dragons that way when we are working with them we can channel they energies they bring more effectively bringing us higher wisdom love and light. Blessed Be 333 Need a boost for your aura? Check out my Etsy Store and see what magical talismans await you!
Introduction Continued…
Introduction continued… Be Blessed! Focus your powers of manifestation and show
I pulled 3 cards for the Friday 17th, Saturday the 18th and for Today Sunday the 19th of January. Look them over and see how they might have helped you or assisted you. Leave a comment and let us know how the 5th through 12th dimensional dragons assisted you spiritually, mentally, Physically. Blessed be 333
The Earth Air Dragon reminds me of turquoise as it unites the Heavenly Etheric realms with the material physical world helping create balance inside and out.
I LOVE Aquamarine! They have such a wonderful vibration and a beautiful rich sky and ocean blue that takes you out to sea sailing the waters of your emotions and helping you fine tune you words to use the more powerfully and thoughtfully giving your words the ability to not only speak clearly l, confidently but the ability to captivate and inspire others.
Neptune characteristics
Empathic, malleable, intuitive, dedication, mental development. Psychologically seen, it has to do with humility, the need to soften its own charactertraits and to move towards service to others (also a typical feature of Pisces).
Symbol: the crescent who symbolizes the soul, enfolds – as a radar screen – the cross …
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

So it’s 4:27pm and I am sitting in my car at Popeyes off of Colfax where my ex works and I keep thinking about this daily Tarot page and I wanted to post another dragon card for the day but I already did. I’ve been thinking though that since I already posted today’s dragon card I should post another kind. I’ve pulled the Sun card from the Alister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck and this card is a strong card illuminating the Pathway, it is also apart of the major arcana cards.

The Sun Card Thoth Tarot deck I found a plethora of very intriguing information about this card in particular I’ve created a blog to give you guys the information that I found.
Tuesday January 21st, 2020

The Black Dragon Card is a powerful one indeed and today they are asking that we take time to reflect and relax to allow ourselves to see things from a different perspective and be still enough to allow the Divine feminine energy to come through and bring her creative vision with her.
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January 22nd, 2020
The Lilac Dragon is so sweet and loving bringing with her Divine feminine ( <—has the word/number nine in it just noticed that) creative, nuturing , and healing wisdom and all who ask her for healing will receive the 5th dimensional key to enter her realm through the cosmic gates of Orion and transcend to the 9th dimensional planes where the Lilac flame will burn up allnlower energies that surround you the Masters also can assist you in this just pray for them to help you surrender, accept and challenge those forces who seek your misery without fear or judgement only love will heal and the Lilac dragon and Masters can assist you in this process successfully so please just pray to God Jesus Budha Qwan Yin whomever to assist you with you with your healing.
January 22nd, 2020
I love 😍🥰🤩💕💓♥️👽 cards for the day especially when they speak of love and healing with love. I love you! Blessed be 333
January 23rd, 2020.
The Earth and Fire Dragon has a job for us to do he beckons us to be of service to others and also help awaken the key lay lines that still are dormant on earth.
The Golden Ray. The Christ Light. Awakening. Awaken the people and our sacred Mother Earth to embody higher wisdom, love and light.
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