A little Gem I found in my phone… this is from mast year in High Springs FL @ Ginnie Springs

Smudging in Denver dangerous and deadly? Or am I the only one? Okay, so this entire time of being in Denver I’ve of course burned white sage and palo santo to cleanse my car, the multitude of crystals I have brought for personal, business and the you never know or just incase stash of Crystal’s,Continue reading “A little Gem I found in my phone… this is from mast year in High Springs FL @ Ginnie Springs”

Ju Ponte Lakota Peyote HEALING SONG

I love to listen Lakota Healing aprayer as it gives me strength when I am weak and brings tears of release that sometimes I cannot but know I must and it dispels any anger in my heart and helps me to conquer my fears and stand tall once more. https://youtu.be/d_afgeTAopc JUST A LITTLE FYI: IContinue reading “Ju Ponte Lakota Peyote HEALING SONG”

Wholesale Proved Large Flat of Large Amethyst Points sizes varying 41-50 approximate pieces.

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/771573623/large-flat-of-beautiful-amethyst-points If you love Crystal’s and I mean who wouldn’t?! Click the link and check out my etsy store I add new things everyday as I travel throughout the country collecting gemstones, Crystal’s minerals and memories. Blessed be 333

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