Word of the Day #90: Prodigy — Creator Villa

Prodigy (noun) [prod-i-jee]: someone with exceptional talent, especially young. adj. prodigious (great or large, doesn’t have to do with age) 1-) I knew he was a prodigy when I heard him play the violin. 2-) He wasn’t a math prodigy but he could balance a checkbook. 3-) Fixing the city infrastructure required a prodigious amount […]Continue reading “Word of the Day #90: Prodigy — Creator Villa”

A day in the life of Phoenix …

Phoenix Arizona was an interesting City to explore today it doesn’t seem like much when you look around, at first I didn’t even think there will be tall skyscrapers by the way that everything looked but once I got into downtown you could see the tall buildings and the busying people doing their thing whichContinue reading “A day in the life of Phoenix …”

Powerless to Powerful and then what to do…? I’m still trying figure that out.

Powerless and left at the mercy of the universe and prag for clarity and healing for myself and all others big and small. I feeling like I’m left with the ability to leave all the time. I’m scared because I dont know what’s going to happen to me at the end of the day andContinue reading “Powerless to Powerful and then what to do…? I’m still trying figure that out.”

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