Am I worthy?

I really love this picture, to me it shows the forces of nature entirely different as you see the Earth reaching up to touch the sky, and you see the sky coming down to caress the flat tops of these plateaus each of them though different the opposite really they are made of the same each seek to return to their unified self like us we are like Earth physical a material but we are also like spirit like the clouds on the Wind forever drifting changing you

As I drive down Route 66, actually between Route 66 and Highway 40 West Ive kind of been crisscrossing back and forth just to keep things interesting or to make my path look like out of snake I’ve been thinking about the Jaguar spirit. To me the Jaguar symbolizes greatness spiritual greatness spiritual life spiritual destiny born to be the spirit a tool a vessel for the spirit to use to spread and he’ll and help and give to those Lauren me and so I wake in those who are asleep and to change slowly individual by individual the light from dim inside their soul too bright to shining riding that light and being a new vessel for Spirit to use to guide to help to heal the teach. Ever since I was a little kid I have been aware of panthers I’m from Naples Florida which is small was a small town which is now growing into a larger more City like place but it is right up against the edge of the Everglades National Forest where the Florida panther call home. I have had the great honor of being able to witness and encounter the Florida panther more than one time and 1 time even with Cubs in their natural habitat which you know where my it was where my home was. I have even had a Florida panther sitting inside my Jeep Wrangler because I had the doors off overnight. He was just lounging around like what’s this guys problem as I thought it was so cool and to not scare him off. The panther, the Puma, the Jaguar, the ocelot, the common house cat, the Bobcat, the cougar, all cats, all feline kind, in my belief as well as in many cultures throughout history most notably in Ancient Egypt, to the spirit world and they can see things that we or people that havent awakened and are sleeping can’t. Ahhhh….The Jaguar… … jaguar and I have a natural Affinity with pne another orbid bnb it just I to them? The black jaguar, the one who walks in the shadows, the one who sees but cannot be seen, the one who has mastered the art of shape-shifting and Crossing between the spirit world and this one. The black jaguar is one of the most profoundly recognized spirit guide, animal totem in our history up to present day this powerful and ancient cat even has tales written about them that tell the story of how jaguar helped form the milky way galaxy. As a Spirit guide the Jaguars list of qualifications are seemingly endless with them is their wisdom their attained age their abilities to shapeshift, be invisible, possession of great magics, and their purpose is that a great importance. The black jaguar offers medicine to those who seek him to those who seek her to them she will come. The black jaguar will come and assess you if you were not born with a Jaguar Spirit some of us are born with a totem of the Jaguar, and some are not, but the Jaguar will come to the aid of any spiritual Seeker who seeks him or her and I did just that. I knew I had a connection because the jaguar showed up in my life everywhere I turned, on claneders, cups computer screens and on t.v. there was the Jaguar. This connection with the Jaguar was strong but I was afraid, not afraid of what the Jaguar would do to me necessarily, I was afraid that I was going to be seen as unworthy of the Jaguars wisdom Unworthy of being taken in under the Jaguars uhhhh…wing…you know or so to speak and I was so nervous and scared and all of my faults I was thinking about and they were all there and that’s all I had seen until I had this heard this I should say the voice that was speaking to me and it’s said, “Do you only Define Yourself by these actions you’ve deemed unworthy and make you ill legitimate of my service or my teaching or my protection and why if so is this the only deeds that you seem to identify with as who you are or a part of you for don’t all things and all actions that you’ve done as a whole create the picture?” I guess I hadn’t thought of that I guess I had hadn’t even realized that I have been making a self image of myself that was based upon all the negative things or the negative in my opinion things that I’ve done. Why have I been so blind? This really I got me thinking … it made me wonder how much of my life had already spent taking every mistake and I ever thought I need and every wrong that I ever thought I committed and collecting them in a jar so to speak and keeping them hidden away out of sight and only taking them out when I was alone to replay to refresh in to keep them as a definition of myself or as a lifetime sentence of punishment? How many of us do that everyday especially when something goes wrong or life seems hard or not working out how many of us actually remind ourselves of all the nice things you’ve done and the good things we’ve done recognize and not spoke about an in secret why is it so hard for us to be nice to ourselves to deem ourselves Worthy?

Published by @SourceDragon33

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Dragons Pathway. Before anything else I'd love to tell mb you all a little bit about myself. My name is Joshua Easterly, I was born and raised in Naples FL in 1989 I have always been fascinated with the natural world as well as everything mythical, mystical and musical. I also found my true calling and my passion....CRYSTALS, MINERALS AND GEMSTONES! My mom said that ever since I was 4yrs old I would stop and collect rocks and put them in my pockets and she would find many of them while doing laundry. So my obsession and fascination has never dwindled instead it has only grown exponentially as I being inclined to the mysterious and metaphysical, have learned and studied not only the chemical and structural components of minerals,crystals and gemstones but also the healing and spiritual side of each uniquely amazing type that exists. I turned my fascination into my career as a collector, spiritual guide and healer, as well as a maker of handcrafted one of kind pieces of jewelry , collectors items, amulets, talismans and even also teach and create crystal magic, Spells, kits and grids. The Dragons Pathway is a blog that takes you on my Pathway as I travel across the United States in search of all things Crystal's. Minerals, and gemstones. Along my way I'll be stopping by crystal and metaphysical shops to check out each stores unique vibes and selections of Crystals. My journey starts out in Denver CO and from there just follow my Pathway to see where I go next! Have a suggestion or place I should visit? Please feel free to contact me and let me know a crystal or metaphysical store, city or something nature orientated that I should visit! Also I have been told that I am a more than decent tarot card reader and I also am offering tarot readings in exchange for love donations either monetary or Crystal's trade! I am very excited to go on this journey of the Dragon with you all and I'll be sharing a daily updates, photos, and journal entries about my experiences, feelings, and encounters as well as the new Crystal's I acquire and at what store, shop or dealer I acquire them from. Looking forward to the Pathway ahead. Blessed be 333 Follow Me on Instagram @SourceDragon Follow me on Twitter @Transcendent373

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