A little Gem I found in my phone… this is from mast year in High Springs FL @ Ginnie Springs

This is just a shirt clip video but it brought. Back such fond memories i have had here it’s a small town just outside Gainesville FL camping here makes me feel like I’m connected to the spirit. This feeling it evokes in me is profoundly spiritual. It’s almost as if the springs and trees cast a spell on me as I’ve never felt quite the way I do about other places…yet… #ginniesprings #namaste #rcystalmagic #mothernature Follow me in Instagram @sourcedragon

Smudging in Denver dangerous and deadly? Or am I the only one? Okay, so this entire time of being in Denver I’ve of course burned white sage and palo santo to cleanse my car, the multitude of crystals I have brought for personal, business and the you never know or just incase stash of Crystal’s, and of course smudged myself and dog too. Smudging, for anyone whose not familiar with the terminology or new to the spiritual and metaphysical world not only cleanses the energy in the environment it’s used in but returns the energy back to spirit to be restored and the home or space is filled with new energies as the old ones leave and renew the energy of the space and those who dwell there. That’s smudging briefly explained I will create a more detailed post about smudging later on this month and explain my understanding and approach to the process.  Well since the moment I arrived in Denver I sensed a almost wall or barrier type energy that wasn’t there until I got close to the major metropolitan area and boom out of the blue I had to pass through a shield, vortex or wall of low vibrational energy that was sticky and it felt like I was driving through oil or glue maybe even a spider web, if you will, like “Frodo Baggins”in “Lord Of the Rings when he has climbed the secret strait case and enters “Shebas cave. I still dont know what exactly why it’s there and if it’s just Denver or are their other cities with negative energy barriers to? So I have noticed that everytime I smudge here that things go drastically wrong right after I finish almost instantaneously I feel like I’m in the middle of a real life phenomenon happening as I have never in my life been nervous to sage anything, in fact I probably over do it to be honest but that’s my way and I like it that way it feels right for me so I go with the flow. I am only mentioning this as it’s been in my mind and as I was just drifted away to Florida with fond memories, friends and family it popped into my head again. Why is smudging dangerous here? It’s almost absurd to even write that question out but something is happening when I smudge maybe someone can enlighten me? I’d love to learn about what you’ve experienced or if you just have some knowledge on the topic. Dont forget to follow me here on WordPress just click follow and like! Thank you!

Photo of Joshua David Easterly owner/operator @goldenaquadragon369

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Dragons Pathway. Before anything else I'd love to tell mb you all a little bit about myself. My name is Joshua Easterly, I was born and raised in Naples FL in 1989 I have always been fascinated with the natural world as well as everything mythical, mystical and musical. I also found my true calling and my passion....CRYSTALS, MINERALS AND GEMSTONES! My mom said that ever since I was 4yrs old I would stop and collect rocks and put them in my pockets and she would find many of them while doing laundry. So my obsession and fascination has never dwindled instead it has only grown exponentially as I being inclined to the mysterious and metaphysical, have learned and studied not only the chemical and structural components of minerals,crystals and gemstones but also the healing and spiritual side of each uniquely amazing type that exists. I turned my fascination into my career as a collector, spiritual guide and healer, as well as a maker of handcrafted one of kind pieces of jewelry , collectors items, amulets, talismans and even also teach and create crystal magic, Spells, kits and grids. The Dragons Pathway is a blog that takes you on my Pathway as I travel across the United States in search of all things Crystal's. Minerals, and gemstones. Along my way I'll be stopping by crystal and metaphysical shops to check out each stores unique vibes and selections of Crystals. My journey starts out in Denver CO and from there just follow my Pathway to see where I go next! Have a suggestion or place I should visit? Please feel free to contact me and let me know a crystal or metaphysical store, city or something nature orientated that I should visit! Also I have been told that I am a more than decent tarot card reader and I also am offering tarot readings in exchange for love donations either monetary or Crystal's trade! I am very excited to go on this journey of the Dragon with you all and I'll be sharing a daily updates, photos, and journal entries about my experiences, feelings, and encounters as well as the new Crystal's I acquire and at what store, shop or dealer I acquire them from. Looking forward to the Pathway ahead. Blessed be 333 Follow Me on Instagram @SourceDragon Follow me on Twitter @Transcendent373

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