Its Official! My Etsy Store now has it’s very own place to call Home!

I am very happy to say that my online store is no longer just a link that isnt much of anything. NoPe! The Dragons Pathway has Upgraded and registered it’s own domain @! It feels official now, like The Dragons Pathway is a reality and I’m diligently working, striving, creating, and living my dream as if it were already real. It’s been several years now that I’ve known what I wanted to do in life, travel across the country with just my dog and myself, live for spirit and work for spirit and make my living promoting my truths, helping others and also myself at the same time. Ascertaining a higher more perfect concept and mutually beneficial relationship with God/Spirit/Source or what have you while finding inner peace, harmony with myself and others as well as finding the middle path I walk more comfortable and acceptable to my ego, my duality. This journey I’m embarking upon has not only been difficult to continue physically, emotionally, spiritually as and financially the amount of pride I’ve swallowed and had to come to terms with by surrendering daily, and still do, as I was under a spell of my own making you see. I thought that I didn’t care what people thought of me and that no matter what they said or did to me I would be able to shrug it off like nothing as I truly believed that I was without the pains of ego and the war against each being’s inner dualism. Oh boy, was I ever wrong, like thinking back at this moment I was completely delusional in my perceptions of myself and my capa7to overcome the uncomfortable moments and situations in which true inner and outward conflict occurred. You see I found myself backing out of situations that made me uncomfortable and the more I allowed myself to run from temporary discomforts the more I started feeling anxious, embarrassed and completely incapable of doing anything that involved me engaging with people or even sorting at the park as I allowed the discomfort of the judgments I was getting, the laughing and what have you because I was homeless I felt like I stuck out even more so which caused me more anxiety and fear until I found myself hiding away from the world in my car waiting for the cover of night to emerge. When I playback the last few months here in Denver I can honestly say that it was a severe regression or wake up call from the universe showing me that I had lots more work still to do with my inner world that way my outter world could begin to reflect the harmony I have and probably always will have to work on maintaining as in the blink of an eye i lost my ability to even pretend my way through any type of social interaction with anyone without breaking into a sweat, shaking and being incapacitated by self generated fear that I let only a little at first in and change what I would do and each time it only seemed like a small thing to do but it became an endless blackhole of fear. Depression, anger and self loathing. I cannot say that this experience was bad as good did come out of it in the formation of making my dreams become a reality. As I couldn’t so anything really but stay hidden in my car, even quit my job because the anxiety was too much to handle, I started putting my dreams several years in the making into the material world. I sat in the car day in and out only getting out at night when the chances o encountering another human were low and made so much jewelry, wrote down ideas began working online and researching and so on and so on. THE Goddess (my homeless friend I made while here and very good friend of mine helped me with Luna and supplies as did my ex boyfriend Jah.)     This went on for months and the hermit in me still lingers and i sense that he has more to teach me but I did slowly start be capable of integrating myself back out into the world as I needed money, I was tired of being in the car and I knew it was time to break free of the self imposed prison I had built for myself.  So I signed up for GrubHub and began life as a freelancer delivery driver and it was exactly what the Doctor ordered! Brief encounters with strangers and driving around smoking weed and listening to music little by little allowed a version of me I hadn’t seen of felt in months emerge. So here I am a few weeks from that point and I am ready to get back out on the road and experience life again and feel like myself again yet I know I’m not I feel stronger as well as humbled as i now know that no matter how much you think or feel like you have things under control life can and will test you and show you that lessons learned once are good but twice even better. I am aware now that even the greatest, strongest and most fearless person is still human and still susceptible to the design flaws of the human condition.  I am more aware of all of us needing to feel superior and more in control than the next person and we say do and act in any way we see fit to keep ourselves from being anything less than the ideas we have of who we are. I know I just experienced it and also what it feels like to have your self image slowly dismantled leaving you with nothing but a blank slate,hopelessness and feeling lost in the middle of everything. I can honestly say that my most recent experiences had me questioning and doubting everything I did, saw, thought and felt I was in total darkness but in that darkness I found my strength,  my resilience and my deepest rooted fears one by one came to the surface and I had no choice but to meet them face to face and conquer them or being utterly ruled by them forever.  This was surely a second Dark Night Of the Soul, I lost my way fell off the Pathway and was running from myself. I’m am so grateful and thankful to have been able to overcome the challenges and tests the universe set before me and I know that I am not through yet but I also known that I am much stronger than I thought and more capable now than before to be able to show up and ground down to embrace life even when its uncomfortable or scary and I’m ready to leave Denver now more than ever and go experience the world more fully than I would’ve been capable of doing before this spiritual bootcamp of sorts. I am by no means completely free from the inner worlds challenges and demons and I still feel the need to have an extreme release of emotions from my heart chakra and 3rd eye, and I’ve had some pretty profound emotional and energetic cleansing already which were some of the most intense and profoundly painfully satisfying moments of my life and I am so very much looking forward to venturing out into the vastness of Mother Nature to be attuned and renewed by her nurturing loving embrace.

The Pathway ahead is anything but certain brand yet Iam certain of that. JOSHUA DAVID EASTERLY

Published by @SourceDragon33

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Dragons Pathway. Before anything else I'd love to tell mb you all a little bit about myself. My name is Joshua Easterly, I was born and raised in Naples FL in 1989 I have always been fascinated with the natural world as well as everything mythical, mystical and musical. I also found my true calling and my passion....CRYSTALS, MINERALS AND GEMSTONES! My mom said that ever since I was 4yrs old I would stop and collect rocks and put them in my pockets and she would find many of them while doing laundry. So my obsession and fascination has never dwindled instead it has only grown exponentially as I being inclined to the mysterious and metaphysical, have learned and studied not only the chemical and structural components of minerals,crystals and gemstones but also the healing and spiritual side of each uniquely amazing type that exists. I turned my fascination into my career as a collector, spiritual guide and healer, as well as a maker of handcrafted one of kind pieces of jewelry , collectors items, amulets, talismans and even also teach and create crystal magic, Spells, kits and grids. The Dragons Pathway is a blog that takes you on my Pathway as I travel across the United States in search of all things Crystal's. Minerals, and gemstones. Along my way I'll be stopping by crystal and metaphysical shops to check out each stores unique vibes and selections of Crystals. My journey starts out in Denver CO and from there just follow my Pathway to see where I go next! Have a suggestion or place I should visit? Please feel free to contact me and let me know a crystal or metaphysical store, city or something nature orientated that I should visit! Also I have been told that I am a more than decent tarot card reader and I also am offering tarot readings in exchange for love donations either monetary or Crystal's trade! I am very excited to go on this journey of the Dragon with you all and I'll be sharing a daily updates, photos, and journal entries about my experiences, feelings, and encounters as well as the new Crystal's I acquire and at what store, shop or dealer I acquire them from. Looking forward to the Pathway ahead. Blessed be 333 Follow Me on Instagram @SourceDragon Follow me on Twitter @Transcendent373

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