Word of the Day #90: Prodigy β€” Creator Villa

Prodigy (noun) [prod-i-jee]: someone with exceptional talent, especially young. adj. prodigious (great or large, doesn’t have to do with age) 1-) I knew he was a prodigy when I heard him play the violin. 2-) He wasn’t a math prodigy but he could balance a checkbook. 3-) Fixing the city infrastructure required a prodigious amountΒ […]

Word of the Day #90: Prodigy β€” Creator Villa

A day in the life of Phoenix …

Phoenix Arizona was an interesting City to explore today it doesn’t seem like much when you look around, at first I didn’t even think there will be tall skyscrapers by the way that everything looked but once I got into downtown you could see the tall buildings and the busying people doing their thing which was just like any other downtown. But today I only visited downtown one time just a drive-thru I wanted to see what the city was like around the heart of it. I deliver for GrubHub and tomorrow I have an appointment at 4:30 to deliver with doordash so I get to see a lot of the neighborhoods and how the people are living are they happy or are they sad. I met a really cool guy today his name was Jojo. Jojo wasn’t from the area but I’ve been living here a long time and he said he was ready to get out go explore and maybe do something like I was doing just traveling around. He said it’s the people… that the people could be grimy and not to be trusted and I was told the same thing when I first arrived in Denver and it makes me wonder is it the people or is it the people you’re choosing to be around? Everyone I ran into today was very pleasant polite and well-mannered of course you could see some of the less than socially desirable types but nothing made me feel like I shouldn’t stay and nothing made me feel like I should. I Can’t Describe to you very good detail the feeling that I got when I first arrived if you were call when I first arrived in Denver I didn’t feel a welcome or a good vibe. When I first arrived in Denver I ran into a wall of negative energy but should have been a warning and was perhaps I just didn’t pay attention. When I first arrived in Phoenix I felt on fire I felt like I have never felt before like I was drawing in on some sacred power of the serpent and I was flourishing inside and I was excited and happy to be here in the middle of the desert. It was such a rush of emotional powerful ancient energy of course through my veins like the poison of a snake when it bites you fast write to your heart and through your mind that’s how Phoenix greeted me. Tomorrow after my appointment with doordash at 4:30 I will skip out and head down further south into the Sonoran Desert to find a smaller town but one that has a really awesome Gem Show one of the largest in the world the Tucson Arizona Gem Show. Now it will be over by the time I get there but I’ll be ready on Sunday bright and early to go see what I can find. Surely I will find plenty and I also am excited at the possibility of being able to perhaps give some tarot readings and make xtra cash. I went to the store Fantasia crystals today and I loved it , small little store, with many many hidden gems inside. I have now been to four metaphysical Crystal stores along my way and all of them had something unique to offer as well as things I’ve never seen before for example a Fantasia crystals I purchased a plethora of things mostly herbs and tumbled Crystal’s but all ones I’ve never used or heard of.

The Elements of Spirit

Upon walking into the store you get the feeling of cozy, comfortable and feel good feelings. When I arrived there was a young boy playing outside with what I presume was his grandpa and they were having fun and inside was Gypsy, the store owner, talking to 2 young ladies who seemed have thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The overall atmosphere at the Elements of Spirit are homey and mysterious.  I knew I had found a hidden gem. Gypsy offers a multitude of services like psychic readings as well as selection of candles, herbs crystals and many other things like spell bags and charms. Her herbs and sage bundles are grown and bundled by the Navajo and I believe she was Navajo as well. Her store offers unusual high quality products and I’m using the root chakra candle I purchased and its smells and feels divine. She even blessed me with some full moon charged salts they are the most amazing salts I could be gotten as I tasted some out of curiosity and never before have I tasted salts like this, they were zesty herbal citrus amazingness! I thought again that the woman I just met was a medicine woman without a doubt.

Arriving to Elements of Spirit @myraven369 @ https://thedragonspathway.com

Powerless to Powerful and then what to do…? I’m still trying figure that out.

Powerless and left at the mercy of the universe and prag for clarity and healing for myself and all others big and small. I feeling like I’m left with the ability to leave all the time. I’m scared because I dont know what’s going to happen to me at the end of the day and that’s maybe not the entire reason behind me being afraid to go or haven’t left yet. I do know that being afraid of the unknown definitely play the part in allowing myself to keep my chains on me shackle to Denver or wherever I may be no… because it’s not really the place outside that is affecting what we see it’s ourselves on the inside… a place we’re at inside that matters tyr most as it changes and affects everything else.

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