Word of the Day #90: Prodigy — Creator Villa

Prodigy (noun) [prod-i-jee]: someone with exceptional talent, especially young. adj. prodigious (great or large, doesn’t have to do with age) 1-) I knew he was a prodigy when I heard him play the violin. 2-) He wasn’t a math prodigy but he could balance a checkbook. 3-) Fixing the city infrastructure required a prodigious amount […]

Word of the Day #90: Prodigy — Creator Villa

A day in the life of Phoenix …

Phoenix Arizona was an interesting City to explore today it doesn’t seem like much when you look around, at first I didn’t even think there will be tall skyscrapers by the way that everything looked but once I got into downtown you could see the tall buildings and the busying people doing their thing which was just like any other downtown. But today I only visited downtown one time just a drive-thru I wanted to see what the city was like around the heart of it. I deliver for GrubHub and tomorrow I have an appointment at 4:30 to deliver with doordash so I get to see a lot of the neighborhoods and how the people are living are they happy or are they sad. I met a really cool guy today his name was Jojo. Jojo wasn’t from the area but I’ve been living here a long time and he said he was ready to get out go explore and maybe do something like I was doing just traveling around. He said it’s the people… that the people could be grimy and not to be trusted and I was told the same thing when I first arrived in Denver and it makes me wonder is it the people or is it the people you’re choosing to be around? Everyone I ran into today was very pleasant polite and well-mannered of course you could see some of the less than socially desirable types but nothing made me feel like I shouldn’t stay and nothing made me feel like I should. I Can’t Describe to you very good detail the feeling that I got when I first arrived if you were call when I first arrived in Denver I didn’t feel a welcome or a good vibe. When I first arrived in Denver I ran into a wall of negative energy but should have been a warning and was perhaps I just didn’t pay attention. When I first arrived in Phoenix I felt on fire I felt like I have never felt before like I was drawing in on some sacred power of the serpent and I was flourishing inside and I was excited and happy to be here in the middle of the desert. It was such a rush of emotional powerful ancient energy of course through my veins like the poison of a snake when it bites you fast write to your heart and through your mind that’s how Phoenix greeted me. Tomorrow after my appointment with doordash at 4:30 I will skip out and head down further south into the Sonoran Desert to find a smaller town but one that has a really awesome Gem Show one of the largest in the world the Tucson Arizona Gem Show. Now it will be over by the time I get there but I’ll be ready on Sunday bright and early to go see what I can find. Surely I will find plenty and I also am excited at the possibility of being able to perhaps give some tarot readings and make xtra cash. I went to the store Fantasia crystals today and I loved it , small little store, with many many hidden gems inside. I have now been to four metaphysical Crystal stores along my way and all of them had something unique to offer as well as things I’ve never seen before for example a Fantasia crystals I purchased a plethora of things mostly herbs and tumbled Crystal’s but all ones I’ve never used or heard of.

The Elements of Spirit

Upon walking into the store you get the feeling of cozy, comfortable and feel good feelings. When I arrived there was a young boy playing outside with what I presume was his grandpa and they were having fun and inside was Gypsy, the store owner, talking to 2 young ladies who seemed have thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The overall atmosphere at the Elements of Spirit are homey and mysterious.  I knew I had found a hidden gem. Gypsy offers a multitude of services like psychic readings as well as selection of candles, herbs crystals and many other things like spell bags and charms. Her herbs and sage bundles are grown and bundled by the Navajo and I believe she was Navajo as well. Her store offers unusual high quality products and I’m using the root chakra candle I purchased and its smells and feels divine. She even blessed me with some full moon charged salts they are the most amazing salts I could be gotten as I tasted some out of curiosity and never before have I tasted salts like this, they were zesty herbal citrus amazingness! I thought again that the woman I just met was a medicine woman without a doubt.

Arriving to Elements of Spirit @myraven369 @ https://thedragonspathway.com

Powerless to Powerful and then what to do…? I’m still trying figure that out.

Powerless and left at the mercy of the universe and prag for clarity and healing for myself and all others big and small. I feeling like I’m left with the ability to leave all the time. I’m scared because I dont know what’s going to happen to me at the end of the day and that’s maybe not the entire reason behind me being afraid to go or haven’t left yet. I do know that being afraid of the unknown definitely play the part in allowing myself to keep my chains on me shackle to Denver or wherever I may be no… because it’s not really the place outside that is affecting what we see it’s ourselves on the inside… a place we’re at inside that matters tyr most as it changes and affects everything else.

Am I worthy?

I really love this picture, to me it shows the forces of nature entirely different as you see the Earth reaching up to touch the sky, and you see the sky coming down to caress the flat tops of these plateaus each of them though different the opposite really they are made of the same each seek to return to their unified self like us we are like Earth physical a material but we are also like spirit like the clouds on the Wind forever drifting changing you knowthedragonspathway.com

As I drive down Route 66, actually between Route 66 and Highway 40 West Ive kind of been crisscrossing back and forth just to keep things interesting or to make my path look like out of snake I’ve been thinking about the Jaguar spirit. To me the Jaguar symbolizes greatness spiritual greatness spiritual life spiritual destiny born to be the spirit a tool a vessel for the spirit to use to spread and he’ll and help and give to those Lauren me and so I wake in those who are asleep and to change slowly individual by individual the light from dim inside their soul too bright to shining riding that light and being a new vessel for Spirit to use to guide to help to heal the teach. Ever since I was a little kid I have been aware of panthers I’m from Naples Florida which is small was a small town which is now growing into a larger more City like place but it is right up against the edge of the Everglades National Forest where the Florida panther call home. I have had the great honor of being able to witness and encounter the Florida panther more than one time and 1 time even with Cubs in their natural habitat which you know where my it was where my home was. I have even had a Florida panther sitting inside my Jeep Wrangler because I had the doors off overnight. He was just lounging around like what’s this guys problem as I thought it was so cool and to not scare him off. The panther, the Puma, the Jaguar, the ocelot, the common house cat, the Bobcat, the cougar, all cats, all feline kind, in my belief as well as in many cultures throughout history most notably in Ancient Egypt, to the spirit world and they can see things that we or people that havent awakened and are sleeping can’t. Ahhhh….The Jaguar… … jaguar and I have a natural Affinity with pne another orbid bnb it just I to them? The black jaguar, the one who walks in the shadows, the one who sees but cannot be seen, the one who has mastered the art of shape-shifting and Crossing between the spirit world and this one. The black jaguar is one of the most profoundly recognized spirit guide, animal totem in our history up to present day this powerful and ancient cat even has tales written about them that tell the story of how jaguar helped form the milky way galaxy. As a Spirit guide the Jaguars list of qualifications are seemingly endless with them is their wisdom their attained age their abilities to shapeshift, be invisible, possession of great magics, and their purpose is that a great importance. The black jaguar offers medicine to those who seek him to those who seek her to them she will come. The black jaguar will come and assess you if you were not born with a Jaguar Spirit some of us are born with a totem of the Jaguar, and some are not, but the Jaguar will come to the aid of any spiritual Seeker who seeks him or her and I did just that. I knew I had a connection because the jaguar showed up in my life everywhere I turned, on claneders, cups computer screens and on t.v. there was the Jaguar. This connection with the Jaguar was strong but I was afraid, not afraid of what the Jaguar would do to me necessarily, I was afraid that I was going to be seen as unworthy of the Jaguars wisdom Unworthy of being taken in under the Jaguars uhhhh…wing…you know or so to speak and I was so nervous and scared and all of my faults I was thinking about and they were all there and that’s all I had seen until I had this heard this I should say the voice that was speaking to me and it’s said, “Do you only Define Yourself by these actions you’ve deemed unworthy and make you ill legitimate of my service or my teaching or my protection and why if so is this the only deeds that you seem to identify with as who you are or a part of you for don’t all things and all actions that you’ve done as a whole create the picture?” I guess I hadn’t thought of that I guess I had hadn’t even realized that I have been making a self image of myself that was based upon all the negative things or the negative in my opinion things that I’ve done. Why have I been so blind? This really I got me thinking … it made me wonder how much of my life had already spent taking every mistake and I ever thought I need and every wrong that I ever thought I committed and collecting them in a jar so to speak and keeping them hidden away out of sight and only taking them out when I was alone to replay to refresh in to keep them as a definition of myself or as a lifetime sentence of punishment? How many of us do that everyday especially when something goes wrong or life seems hard or not working out how many of us actually remind ourselves of all the nice things you’ve done and the good things we’ve done recognize and not spoke about an in secret why is it so hard for us to be nice to ourselves to deem ourselves Worthy?

Enough is Enough already.

I’m not sure anymore exactly what I’m doing…scratch that I’ve never really known what I am doing. It’s like I get all this momentum built up and I get all these ideas and I am ready to take on the world and show the world what I’m made of right? Except once I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere or I’m finally actually going to become and achieve or attain, accomplish whatever goal or idea that I’m trying to put into reality it seems like I get attacked and lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been attacked a lot. I’m not sure if it’s delusional or paranoia or if I’m just making an excuse for my own self sabotaging and my own inability to make the things happen that I want to make happen. I have big dreams and I always have had Big Dreams and now they’re coming like out here in this world and I’ve been working diligently and hard on every aspect of thedragonspathway and the dragons pathway blog, thedragonspathway website, thedragonspathway inventory, the products that I’m making they’re all handmade est… I’ve been spending time like I’ve never spent time on anything in my life. So just to let you know a little bit about maybe why I’ve lost my temper or whatever is because I’m just feeling a little bit defeated and ready to give up on everything and I don’t want to feel this way. I know that I’m not done, I’m not giving up, but sometimes I just want to hide away and keep to myself sitting in the corner of my car and never deal with anybody or anything ever again! I know that’s not truly how I feel deep down, it’s just true in the moment you know? It’s like when you say some really hurtful and mean things when you’re angry and heated in the moment or when you’re sad and depressed and you say some God awful things about how you fee such as I just want to die or something but you know it isn’t true and you know it’s not true but at the time it feels like it could be and is that all it takes? Is that all it takes in this life is to be upset in the moment and change everything forever? I’m not even sure if all this anger is just unprocessed sadness because when I am angry i then get angry that I’m angry and then I’m angry because I’m hurt and I’m hungry because I’m confused and then it turns into tears. I’m sad and I’m crying and I can feel all of this emotional energy swelling up from in my chest and I can feel this lump that hurts so bad in my throat and I’m trying not to cry, I’m trying to hold it in or I’m trying to not be me. I refusw it because I know as soon as I start crying I’m going not be angry about it anymore and then after everything is over I’m just there like I’m not angry or sad or happy I’m just blah. I don’t know what it is that I have to do, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing anymore is what I started this post saying and you know what I guess I have understood who I am at my core but what it is I’m supposed to be doing? I’ve always had an idea of what I want in life and it changes a lot, and where I’m going to as I’m always chasing things and yet I’ve never actually gotten there this magical place I’ve been dreaming of. I never actually followed through or finished or completed anything that I’ve attempted and I mean that’s not even true entirely but mostly. Most things that I start I never finish. And I’m sick of being that way I’m tired of disappointing myself and being disappointed with myself not with other people not with situations but my choices and my inability to follow through has led me to this state of frustration with myself and then I’m taking it out on other people that don’t deserve it and I am clouding my judgment to the point where I can’t see straight and I don’t want to and I don’t want to think and I don’t want to feel or process any of this but here I am. I just want so badly to not be a failure anymore. I want to know when I wake up in the morning that I can smile and see in the mirror this reflection of a guy I’m proud to be. A guy that’s proud to be a good brother, I want to be proud to be a great uncle, I want to be proud to be a good son and instead I don’t even want to look at myself I find just the simplest things are the hardest things to do the right things to do are so so hard and then the bad things they’re wonderfully easy and I see the law of opposites and everything and I understand that there’s light in the dark and it’s dark in the light and we have to conquer our fears like I spoke about in the post before and challenging them and rising to the occasion and you know it’s great to be and do that yes but it’s not simple at least not for me it’s not simple to pretend to be happy or that everything is fine and I’m not about to crumble with the tape cuz it’s not holding me together anymore and I’m afraid that you’re going to see the seams they’re busting because I’ve been trying to sew them together so many times and I’m constantly anxious and I’m challenging it I’m rising up to it I’m working I’m getting out of the car I’m promoting myself online and putting out my story I’m telling you guys my feelings I don’t even know if I’ve ever actually spoke about with this understanding before. So yeah fear you can go away you can go and take yourself far far away from this planet fear and depression Sadness and Sorrow and low vibrational anything I’m tired of being so comfortable and complacent in your arms and I’ve had enough fear I’ve lived in a state of fear for too long you must leave now. I am ready to embrace something greater something brighter something forgiving and loving and more capable of comfort than you would ever offer fear and I’m on my way so stop trying to make me fall as I Rise stop trying to make me doubt myself more than you already have spent on my life making me doubt myself I no longer want to accept and believe the lies that you speak fear and from today forward I’m going to rise even harder and waking every sleeping bone and cell in my body to stand up and fight against fear and all that you encompass. The crazy thing is besides me, that I’m actually afraid to see and be anything else because I have never known any other way except fear isn’t that mind blowing? To think I’ve lived my entire life never knowing anything besides fear and everything I’ve done and do to this day has all been because of things that I’ve choose based on what most comfortable and what’s going to make me feel the most safe and what’s going to not trigger my anxiety or fear what’s going to keep me from having to suffer through that and if I am suffering through that what do I do about it and everything I do is always in a panic and it’s it’s so exhausting ever since I can remember if little kid I’ve been afraid cuz of all the things that have happened what could happen or shouldn’t have happened. And now that I’m older I realize that I speak the truth that I preached everybody that everything happens for a reason and then I sit in the car and I’m by myself and I doubt it and I look at the pain in the suffering of the people and the horrible things that we do each other and I wonder how could this be for a reason? How could we watch our fellow brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and grandmas and grandpas suffer the way that we do? Why is being successful only mean that you have a lot of money or a nice house or a fancy car or whatever or your pretty or you are popular and that’s the only things that matter and when is that going to stop and why is that for a reason? Because I’ve had enough of this b******* my own b******* and your b******* and everybody’s b******* and everybodys b****** and your meaningless Pursuits in life and what you strive to accomplish to be it’s for the most part the least important thing that you could want to be and is it really the person that you want to show up every day is it the one who you want to be when you are on your deathbed are you living your life Without Regrets are you making the choices that are bettering yourself and others are you telling the people in your life your family and friends that you love them for no reason are you sure that they know are you who you want to be and in the end what’s really going to matter to you a lot of money at the empty house nice job a nice-looking man or woman or whatever maybe being popular having a million followers is that really what’s going to matter to you at the end? For me what’s really going to matter to me is when I can wake up and I can look myself in the mirror and I can say that I made the choices that I made with an understanding and intention to better myself to try harder to love more to reach out to help others and not be so selfish like I’ve been to not be so ignorant to the fact that I was just following and going with the flow but flowing in the wrong direction. And I know that it was the wrong direction only because I was going and flowing with the direction of other people’s desires and needs and wants and not my own. My whole life I have spent being a people-pleaser I’m making other people happy and doing whatever they wanted just to make sure they were taken care of but what about myself? What did I leave for myself? I’ll tell you what I left I left a giant black hole a void that I was trying to feel and run from really and hide its existence from myself not from anyone else I wanted to ignore the fact that I was ignoring my own needs for the sacrifice of others and just to avoid conflict and uncomfortable situations that made me feel anxious or fearful so I did whatever I could which is what I did and that was to give people what they wanted because if you give somebody what they want they say that you’ll get what you need in return but I beg to differ because I have lived this life now pleasing others I’m telling you now, It left me with nothing but coping mechanisms fear did this to me. FEAR and my inability and unwillingness to conquer it or even see it as such at the time even though you know when I was young I knew I was afraid but I didn’t know exactly what I could do or have that I had choices other than running ….I didn’t know I had a choice. So I took a route that made me feel confident and excited and colorful and creative and it brought out everything in me that I am but at a price that I didn’t know I was paying I was just you know deferring payments on the debt of fear I had inside myself and now I have so much that I keep thinking this time I process in motion this emotional Outburst you know that was great I feel better now but I keep hoping that there’s not another one or another one after that. And every time I have a release and my heart chakra is just overflowing and pouring out all that I’ve held inside and fear has kept it hidden in a nice little suitcase that keeps filling out here and there. And yes a suitcase that’s what fear does fear tells you is mcn v it’s going to be okay if you do listen to it and get out and do whatever you have to do to be comfortable and avoid any type of disturbance inside yourself and if you let me says fear I’ll even put everything in this nice large suitcase for you it’ll be ready for you so anytime you need to run away from your problems I’m always there to help you and have your back. How deceiving, how cunning you are fear to come in and pretend to be a savior when you’re really the one who is harming you’re the one to be running from you’re the one that nobody needs. So fear being so cunning realizes that you’re catching on to him that you’re realizing that he’s the one that came in the first place and said there was something to be afraid of something that is putting you in danger but it’s too late this realization you see because for you to deal with all that fear has put you through you developrd coping mechanisms for me I developed addiction drugs and alcohol and my go-to Escape I didn’t have to feel or even think. I had the power to Express myself and not give two f****. In all the years of my life I spent getting high in a bathroom by myself or in my room alone or with a bunch of people at a festival or whatever it was, I had profound moments mine to you grate realizations and memories that I cannot express to you I would not trade my life for or we do if I had a chance. But at the same time is 15 years of drug use necessary to have three or four good moments in your life I don’t think so I wish it wasn’t so I wish there was a reason that could have let me down a different path I wish I was born a little stronger because I don’t feel that strong anymore and it makes me sad to sit here and make amulets and talismans and handcrafted jewelry that’s supposed to strengthen your aura and your your ability to rise above the things that you are challenged with inside yourself and 2 help you see feel believe and have trust in the spirit, yet while I’m doing this I can see the pain of people that walked by and I can feel the pain that some of them inflicted upon me with their judgments and comments it’s so silly and pointless why we hurt people and each other I really don’t see why it makes people feel better to hurt another. I don’t see the spirit in that I don’t see a reason other than to learn and grow I understand that much but how much is too much and how much can we just justify before enough is enough how much more do we have to go through before each come to this realization but enough is enough? When is it going to be time to learn what we have learned from this and put it into application and start to treat each other like we are all brothers and sisters because we are just because we’re from different mothers and different fathers that makes no differenc. WE would not do it to our family, we should not do it to another person, we would defend our family if someone was attacking them and harming them. WE should defend everyone who is being attacked, we should lift up everyone who is down and sad we should help each other, why can’t we just help one anthor? I’m so sad right now because I’m looking around and I see what this world is coming to and where it’s going and I do believe in something greater than than myself ,I’ve experienced it, I know it, and I am excited to return to it at my time and I guess I just really need a sign. Something that’s going to show me without a doubt that I’m not a failure and I CAN follow through and I’m worth it and this life is worth it and my family and friends their lives are worth it and that one day we’ll all be okay, one day we’ll be there for one another it’s just not today, and maybe not tomorrow. I’m frustrated because it hurts so much and I’m afraid of hurting and I don’t want to be afraid anymore, I’ve spent too much time already living like a scared helpless creature and I have wasted my youth dabbling in dangerous things I should actually have been afraid of like wow! Epiphany moment! I can clearly see that I have been so confused, I spent so much time being afraid of mundane everyday things that inshoildnt have feared and thingsnlike drugs, alcohol unprotected sex and abusive relationships inshouldve been afraid of i wasnt and yet I still dont know why yet I as I love to gonaround and say like it makes everything suddenly better “everything for a reason.” I’m just looking forward amd living in a life that i dream of living in and not actually living in now and getting depressed and angry because of it. Im regretting what has happened only because I am living in the memories of my story that are painful to further justify my incompetence and reason for failing now and I AM not living now and here just touching the ground here in the now emas little or as long as I can without having to deal with emotion oe the reality. The now is a hard place to be, yet it’s the only place there actually is to be if you are being,yet for me I live in hopeful dreams and painful memories. WHY? … because here and now means I have to rise to the challenge Sand get ready to face fear,right here, right now and I dont know if I’m ready, I think I AM ready to say it and maybe then I can believe it, then if I believe it maybe I can actually achieve it…. …. …. enough is enough.

Angel numbers! 111

Number 111 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity. Angel Number 111 is a message from your angels to be very aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality

Whoop Got it! I always try to capture them when I see them buts its definitely not always that easy. Blessed be 333

The Sun Card from Alister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck

XIX – The Sun

Sun in House 5 standing for the joy of life, creativity and persuavive power
Planet: Sun
Tree of life: The axis Hod – Yesod
Element: Fire 
Number: 19 as a higher level of 9, the cross sum is 10 (> Wheel of Fortune > The Magician)

The Sun is the symbol of life and light, for the power that always is generously given without reducing itself. 

The Sun will shine and give light to the earth to make all life possible. So the Sun stands for vitality and optimism, the blossoming of our nature, and is a sign that we have overcome the time of darkness and are ready to enjoy the light. 

But the Sun also has its negative aspects. Never forget that without the depth of water, the sun will create a desert.

Drive: Aiming at the light, living for generous, unconditional principles 

Light: Vitality, generosity, warmth, selfconfidence 

Shadow: Selfcomplacancy, dazzling, promising much and doing nothing

A little Gem I found in my phone… this is from mast year in High Springs FL @ Ginnie Springs

This is just a shirt clip video but it brought. Back such fond memories i have had here it’s a small town just outside Gainesville FL camping here makes me feel like I’m connected to the spirit. This feeling it evokes in me is profoundly spiritual. It’s almost as if the springs and trees cast a spell on me as I’ve never felt quite the way I do about other places…yet… #ginniesprings #namaste #rcystalmagic #mothernature Follow me in Instagram @sourcedragon

Smudging in Denver dangerous and deadly? Or am I the only one? Okay, so this entire time of being in Denver I’ve of course burned white sage and palo santo to cleanse my car, the multitude of crystals I have brought for personal, business and the you never know or just incase stash of Crystal’s, and of course smudged myself and dog too. Smudging, for anyone whose not familiar with the terminology or new to the spiritual and metaphysical world not only cleanses the energy in the environment it’s used in but returns the energy back to spirit to be restored and the home or space is filled with new energies as the old ones leave and renew the energy of the space and those who dwell there. That’s smudging briefly explained I will create a more detailed post about smudging later on this month and explain my understanding and approach to the process.  Well since the moment I arrived in Denver I sensed a almost wall or barrier type energy that wasn’t there until I got close to the major metropolitan area and boom out of the blue I had to pass through a shield, vortex or wall of low vibrational energy that was sticky and it felt like I was driving through oil or glue maybe even a spider web, if you will, like “Frodo Baggins”in “Lord Of the Rings when he has climbed the secret strait case and enters “Shebas cave. I still dont know what exactly why it’s there and if it’s just Denver or are their other cities with negative energy barriers to? So I have noticed that everytime I smudge here that things go drastically wrong right after I finish almost instantaneously I feel like I’m in the middle of a real life phenomenon happening as I have never in my life been nervous to sage anything, in fact I probably over do it to be honest but that’s my way and I like it that way it feels right for me so I go with the flow. I am only mentioning this as it’s been in my mind and as I was just drifted away to Florida with fond memories, friends and family it popped into my head again. Why is smudging dangerous here? It’s almost absurd to even write that question out but something is happening when I smudge maybe someone can enlighten me? I’d love to learn about what you’ve experienced or if you just have some knowledge on the topic. Dont forget to follow me here on WordPress just click follow and like! Thank you!

Photo of Joshua David Easterly owner/operator @goldenaquadragon369

Ju Ponte Lakota Peyote HEALING SONG

I love to listen Lakota Healing aprayer as it gives me strength when I am weak and brings tears of release that sometimes I cannot but know I must and it dispels any anger in my heart and helps me to conquer my fears and stand tall once more. https://youtu.be/d_afgeTAopc

JUST A LITTLE FYI: I am part Native American from two tribes to be exact, Cherokee and Blackfoot. I’m not sure if that’s the reason exactly why I have such an affinity to all things Native American but it makes sense and I’m going to go with it.

Do you like this handcrafted 18″necklace? I do to! It’s made with real gemstone beads and silver spacer beads the gemstones used are below.
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Rose quartz
Seafoam Green Jade
Green Aventurine no
Snowflake Obsidian
Rondelle cut & chip Turquoise
Teardrop Amethyst
Clear Quartz chips

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Gemstones In above necklace:

Rose quartz
Green Jade cubed
Rdd garnet chip
Green Aventurine

Large Smokey Quartz Points Bulk Ordee

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UP and running … maybe…

It is nearly dawn on Tuesday January 13th, and I have yet to fall asleep. I have been toiling away all day trying to get the Dragons Pathway Etsy, Shopify.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and tumblr active, live and equipped well enough with the best content and imagery that would be compelling enough to keep you looking as well as to describe, present and exuding what my vision, Hope’s dreams and vibes I have for my stores, blog, and YouTube channel. So even though all of the work and effort has been tedious and time consuming, and sometimes repetitive or challenging and even frustrating I must admit it has also been extremely exciting and filled me with a drive to finish getting everything online and smoothly operating. I am not the type of guy that can have his plate full or to do list left undone , it’s a slight problem of mine, but I am attempting to curve the need to do everything all at once and trying to slowly piece by piece get The Dragons Pathway ready for you and the world to see, learn, journey and perhaps buy something handcrafted by myself , maybe a protection charm or perhaps a mixed variety of tumbled healing crystals and stones? Well I personally hope that all of the above becomes true for you and I can’t wait to engage and hear feedback, comments, questions and more from you my new subscribers who I invite to journey down the Dragon’s Pathway with me and let’s see together what adventures or other are just around the corner waiting to be found! Blessed be 333

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Its Official! My Etsy Store now has it’s very own place to call Home!

I am very happy to say that my online store is no longer just a link that isnt much of anything. NoPe! The Dragons Pathway has Upgraded and registered it’s own domain @

http://www.TheDragonsPathway.com! It feels official now, like The Dragons Pathway is a reality and I’m diligently working, striving, creating, and living my dream as if it were already real. It’s been several years now that I’ve known what I wanted to do in life, travel across the country with just my dog and myself, live for spirit and work for spirit and make my living promoting my truths, helping others and also myself at the same time. Ascertaining a higher more perfect concept and mutually beneficial relationship with God/Spirit/Source or what have you while finding inner peace, harmony with myself and others as well as finding the middle path I walk more comfortable and acceptable to my ego, my duality. This journey I’m embarking upon has not only been difficult to continue physically, emotionally, spiritually as and financially the amount of pride I’ve swallowed and had to come to terms with by surrendering daily, and still do, as I was under a spell of my own making you see. I thought that I didn’t care what people thought of me and that no matter what they said or did to me I would be able to shrug it off like nothing as I truly believed that I was without the pains of ego and the war against each being’s inner dualism. Oh boy, was I ever wrong, like thinking back at this moment I was completely delusional in my perceptions of myself and my capa7to overcome the uncomfortable moments and situations in which true inner and outward conflict occurred. You see I found myself backing out of situations that made me uncomfortable and the more I allowed myself to run from temporary discomforts the more I started feeling anxious, embarrassed and completely incapable of doing anything that involved me engaging with people or even sorting at the park as I allowed the discomfort of the judgments I was getting, the laughing and what have you because I was homeless I felt like I stuck out even more so which caused me more anxiety and fear until I found myself hiding away from the world in my car waiting for the cover of night to emerge. When I playback the last few months here in Denver I can honestly say that it was a severe regression or wake up call from the universe showing me that I had lots more work still to do with my inner world that way my outter world could begin to reflect the harmony I have and probably always will have to work on maintaining as in the blink of an eye i lost my ability to even pretend my way through any type of social interaction with anyone without breaking into a sweat, shaking and being incapacitated by self generated fear that I let only a little at first in and change what I would do and each time it only seemed like a small thing to do but it became an endless blackhole of fear. Depression, anger and self loathing. I cannot say that this experience was bad as good did come out of it in the formation of making my dreams become a reality. As I couldn’t so anything really but stay hidden in my car, even quit my job because the anxiety was too much to handle, I started putting my dreams several years in the making into the material world. I sat in the car day in and out only getting out at night when the chances o encountering another human were low and made so much jewelry, wrote down ideas began working online and researching and so on and so on. THE Goddess (my homeless friend I made while here and very good friend of mine helped me with Luna and supplies as did my ex boyfriend Jah.)     This went on for months and the hermit in me still lingers and i sense that he has more to teach me but I did slowly start be capable of integrating myself back out into the world as I needed money, I was tired of being in the car and I knew it was time to break free of the self imposed prison I had built for myself.  So I signed up for GrubHub and began life as a freelancer delivery driver and it was exactly what the Doctor ordered! Brief encounters with strangers and driving around smoking weed and listening to music little by little allowed a version of me I hadn’t seen of felt in months emerge. So here I am a few weeks from that point and I am ready to get back out on the road and experience life again and feel like myself again yet I know I’m not I feel stronger as well as humbled as i now know that no matter how much you think or feel like you have things under control life can and will test you and show you that lessons learned once are good but twice even better. I am aware now that even the greatest, strongest and most fearless person is still human and still susceptible to the design flaws of the human condition.  I am more aware of all of us needing to feel superior and more in control than the next person and we say do and act in any way we see fit to keep ourselves from being anything less than the ideas we have of who we are. I know I just experienced it and also what it feels like to have your self image slowly dismantled leaving you with nothing but a blank slate,hopelessness and feeling lost in the middle of everything. I can honestly say that my most recent experiences had me questioning and doubting everything I did, saw, thought and felt I was in total darkness but in that darkness I found my strength,  my resilience and my deepest rooted fears one by one came to the surface and I had no choice but to meet them face to face and conquer them or being utterly ruled by them forever.  This was surely a second Dark Night Of the Soul, I lost my way fell off the Pathway and was running from myself. I’m am so grateful and thankful to have been able to overcome the challenges and tests the universe set before me and I know that I am not through yet but I also known that I am much stronger than I thought and more capable now than before to be able to show up and ground down to embrace life even when its uncomfortable or scary and I’m ready to leave Denver now more than ever and go experience the world more fully than I would’ve been capable of doing before this spiritual bootcamp of sorts. I am by no means completely free from the inner worlds challenges and demons and I still feel the need to have an extreme release of emotions from my heart chakra and 3rd eye, and I’ve had some pretty profound emotional and energetic cleansing already which were some of the most intense and profoundly painfully satisfying moments of my life and I am so very much looking forward to venturing out into the vastness of Mother Nature to be attuned and renewed by her nurturing loving embrace.

The Pathway ahead is anything but certain brand yet Iam certain of that. JOSHUA DAVID EASTERLY

Dany “Lady of Strength” & Protection by TheDragonsPathway — Etsy Shop for TheDragonsPathway

107.77 USD This wonderfully hand made Lady named Dany, was made by my new friend Julia who is an amazing artist with a heart and Aura if love. 184 more words

Dany “Lady of Strength” & Protection by TheDragonsPathway — Etsy Shop for TheDragonsPathway

The Who, What When Where and Why…in Denver’s downtown.

Thinking back…and piecing it all together…and wondering where I’ll be next…I guess even I have wait to find out… but in the meantime Check out my Etsy store! Https://etsy.com/shops/TheDragonsPathway ph and by the way I am the Who and my name is Joshua David Easterly.
The What?! In Denver… I’ve lived in 17 different cities and this is the first time I’ve seen a sign like this… Only in Denver
Envisioning the Rose Pink Dragon expanding my heart chakra into its highest potential of light and opening the 33 facets of my heart  I 333 I LOVE YOU 333

The Journey Begins along the Dragons Pathway

Thanks for joining me! I am very excited to start this blog as I have decided to share with you all my experiences as I travel the US in search of memories, lessons and of course my lifes work and passion Crystal’s, Minerals, gemstones and all things Spiritual!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


My name is Joshua David Easterly I am the owner and operator here at The Dragons Pathway and I’d like to formally invite you to embark upon a journey with me across the United States where I’ll be stopping in and checking out as many crystal and metaphysical shops as I can as well as giving tarot readings, site seeing, and sharing my experiences with you. To tell you a little bit of my background story I currently live in my car a 2016 silver Toyota Corolla, I am from Florida,well Naples Florida to be exact, which is about as far South as you can get besides Key West and Miami. I am 30yts old and I have been on a journey already now going on 7 months and I’ve arrived in Denver, Colorado and have been here for the majority of the last 7 months, but was in New Orleans and Sante Fe New Mexico prior to my arrival here. For the most part it’s been OK… I like Denver for what Denver is, and I am grateful for the lessons, experiences and connections I’ve made, but it’s definitely not my place especially not one I’d like to stay longterm and I’m ready to venture out on my own and experience more new things and new places. Perhaps I may even find a place that I could call home or feels like home if you know what I’m mean.

I am currently living in my car ,this is now I guess my 2nd time living in a car my 4th time being homeless, but this time was the little different I decided to be homeless verses circumstances that happened in priortimes where I didn’t have a choice. I knew I could survive and be successfully homeless,or so I thought, because I had done it before and I knew what to do how to do it and I have always wanted to travel and for affordability reasons it’s not in my budget to be able to afford a home and the car and travel for a year or more across the country so I came up with this plan and followed through with it. I am with my dog Luna Matie Easterly the 2nd and I started out on this journey with entirely different intentions than I have now but the desire for adventure and experience still remains the same. I am planning on leaving within the next 24 to 48 hours and my journeys Pathway is taking a different turn the the course I set originally 2 weeks ago and have had 2 now failed attempts at escaping Denver. I stead of heading to Phoenix AZ for a desert experience and preparing for the Tuscon Gem show, which has been a life long dream of mine to attend, I’m going to surprise visit who I absolutely adore and love like no other I this world to me and I can’t wait to see her, so I hope it’s as good of a surprise I mean I think it will be and then yeah I’m going to be like I said headed back on the road and checking out the crystal and metaphysicals stores, networking with the spiritual communities in each of the States and qs many cities that I can visit. I would Love it if you guys would comment and leave suggestions on your favorite places, crystals stores, hiking trails, scenic routes or perhaps when let me know about the local psychic faira or spiritual group meetings that might be coming up or if you just want to have and engage in a powerful conversation with me or would you like a Tarot reading online or if I’m going to be passing through you’re  your city soon I would Love Love ove  to meet up with you and I can give you a tarot reading in person or we can just chat about meaningful, mysterious, magical topics like the stars or even reptilian overlords that rule the world! Well until next time thanks for I reading and I’ll be back soon lest it be at thunder king To the Pathway Ahead…. 333 blessed be

Its Wednesday at 8:42 p.m. in Denver, Colorado I was supposed to have left my worries behind But as you know things change and even though we make plans and have ideas and visions of what we want, life usually has a different idea for us and I found for the most part that it’s usually for the best. Today’s been an interesting day, to say the least, a kind of an emotional day for me from sad, angry, happy to nervous all at the same time and moments where I felt nothing at all l. Now that the sea of emotions has calmed down and returned to its state of gentle crashing waves I can properly think again and yet it still feels like something g is wrong but I guess the reasoning behind why I didn’t sleep last night and what has been so heavy on my mind is not something you can just brush off to the side you know…sometimes things happen and you

which I won’t discuss still has me slightly concerned. I have made you go how deliveries today about the turn it back on I’m to be in available delivery guy I to make some more money which it’s really the easiest money I’ve made and it thought not that badI don’t mind driving I know about you other something soothing in are driving and listening to music and just enjoying the moment actually probly one of the rarest times I can enjoy the moment because most the time I live in my head somewhere else in a different place but that’s a different discussion for a different day. Hmmm… what else happened today…? I just was walking my dog it’s 36゚F I’m Floridan so anything below 75 might as well be below zero to me

I haven’t really done too much with the dragons pathway as far as promoting products or adding new ones or anything like that to days I feel flightly guilty to side as this can be a confessional as well as a blog by I do intend to still post a short video about myself and why I am doing what I’m doing and I’m yet to see get you a better picture of everything anyways the can’t blog and drive if so I am going to sign off for now till next time.

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